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Sofia Needs Your Help!

GSS Agent#1997 submitted one of the winning entries for the GSSA “Spy Who Loved Me Contest.” She proposed and GSSA accepted her suggested mission to secretly help pay to remove the brain tumor of 10-year old Sofia. Sofia’s surgery was performed at the end of January and her family could use your donations to help pay for the out-of-pocket cost of the surgery not covered by insurance.

A little background about the family. Marcos, Sophia’s father is from Argentina and Edith, her mother is from Mexico. Edith used to sing with a Christian group and Marcos ran the lights at the concerts. They met at one of the concerts and a year later they got married. Sofia was born a while later and they were very excited to become new parents.

After Sofia was born, they realized that something was wrong with her as did not develop the ability to talk and walk like other children, and regularly had seizures and episodes of laughing with no apparent trigger.

After many years and trips to the doctors she was diagnosed with a very rare condition, called Hypothalamic Harmatoma. When she was younger she was able to move a little on her own and was more aware of the world around her. Now Sofia is non-verbal and non-mobile. She requires g-tube feeding because she is not able to eat on her own. Edith, her Mother is with her 24/7 because she requires constant care. Sofi has already undergone and survived many surgeries and procedures in her short life and the doctors in Mexico, where they lived told them that there is not much more they can do for her.

Marcos and Edith owned a pizzeria in Hermosillo Mexico that they named after their daughter called “Sofi’s Pizza,” but they had to close it during the pandemic. So, they thought, since their business was closed, if they could move to the US, they may be able to find treatment for Sofia that was not available in Mexico. So, they move to the Phoenix, AZ area where the family found one of the few specialists in the country that specializes in removing Sofia’s unusual brain tumor.

A Neurosurgeon at Phoenix Children’s Hospital removed Sofia’s brain tumor from the hypothalamus region of her brain on January 20, 2022.

Sofia Before Surgery

Marcos and Edith are grateful for the help and support of GSSA and would appreciate any donations you can make to help pay for the out of pocket cost of the surgery and other expenses to support Sofia’s recovery. No amount is too small. Any amount will help.

Go to and click on the donate button. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Sophia After Surgery

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