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GSSA Spies in Disguise

Submit your GSS Agent disguise photos for a chance to win $100.00 in cash or free GSSA merch from our store!


Hey GSS Agents!

Part of the fun of being a GSS Agent is not just having a secret agent number, like James Bond.

It can also mean creating your own fun secret agent disguise that you wear sometimes when
you’re feeling adventurous as you carry out your secret acts of kindness.


Let’s have some fun during the upcoming Mardi Gras season by showing off your favorite GSS
Agent secret disguise and help inspire people to secretly bless others.


Submit photos of your “Secret Agent” masks or disguises and win!

The most creative disguise submitted during the months of February, March and April will win
$100 or free merchandise from our store!

Agent Spy Disguise#2.png

Are you ready?

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See Secret Agent Disguises of Other GSS Agents Below and add your own photo to the mix:

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