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Seven Ways to Help People in the Ukraine

Here at GSSA headquarters, we have been getting some questions about how to help the people of the Ukraine as many of them are dying, homeless and fleeing for their lives in the face of an invasion of their country by Russian forces. As Americans, it may be difficult for us to understand what it is like to live in a war-torn country with the fear and dread of having your home bombed, family members killed, stores run out of food and supplies or having no where to go as you live in fear of possibly losing your life.

We have been asked, what can we possibly do to help as Americans to help from a distance? The first thing we can do is pray for the people of the Ukraine that God will change the heart of the Russian leadership to end the war and that His mercy and grace will save lives and reduce suffering and death.

Secondly, if you know a person of Ukrainian heritage, reach out to them and offer your support through spending time with them, listening and helping to allay their fears, writing them a note of encouragement, giving them a donation that they can send to help a family member residing in the Ukraine and praying with and for them.

The Washington Post did an article this weekend that includes a number of reputable organizations that Americans can donate to help the people of the Ukraine.

They include:

  • Voices for Children - a charity based in the Ukraine that helps children deal with the effects of war

  • Razom for Ukraine - an organization coordinating the purchase and distribution of medical supplies to help the wounded

  • Care - the large well-known international foundation that provides food, water and other humanitarian aid

  • Save the Children - a well established organization that provides food, water and other humanitarian aid for children and families

  • Sunflower for Peace - a nonprofit organization that is creating and distributing backpacks and kits full of first-aid and medical supplies to help the wounded

You can read the full Washington Post article via this link.

GSS Agents, let us pray for the people of the Ukraine and donate whatever you can to help them during their time of need.


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