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One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure: It’s National Re-Gifting Day!

National Re-Gifting Day is traditionally celebrated the Thursday before Christmas. It is the quintessential idea of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Often thought of in a negative connotation this practice might be interpreted in the wrong way; meaning that the gift recipient is in some way disregarding the compassion of the person who took the efforts to create or purchase the gift for granted. However, we challenge you to look at this practice in a new light. How many of us can pass on something we received as a gift that may seem small to us to another person, that may be quite impactful to someone in need?

For example, you may have received a gift card in the past to a store or restaurant that you usually do not frequent…do you realize those gift cards expire? Take some time and go through your gift cards to see which ones you may be ready to part with. Perhaps you could anonymously drop off one of those gift cards on a co-worker’s desk? You may also want to consider going through your closet and finally getting rid of those unwanted pieces of clothing. Donate those items to a Goodwill store or Savers store in your neighborhood!

Finally, if you have gifts from coworkers, friends, or family stuck in a hall closet somewhere, maybe now is the time to act as a GSS Agent and secretly pass those items on to someone you know that may be in need of a pick-me-up this Holiday Season. The following tips can help you re-gift confidently and considerately!

  • Never re-gift with the original wrapping. Put efforts in to personalize it for the person that will be receiving your gift.

  • Always re-gift to someone in a different social/work group than the original gift was intended for.

  • Never re-gift if the gift was in any way personalized for you.

  • Re-gift mindfully and thoughtfully - will this gift be useful/bring happiness to the recipient?

Being a GSS Agent and helping others doesn't have to cost money, if you share what you already have with others. What you don’t want or need can be a blessing to others!

Join Us! Become a GSS Agent today!

Written and submitted by GSS Agent #38118


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