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May Secret Mission Focus: MOTHERS

This month GSSA Headquarters encourages its GSS Agents and you to do secret and visible missions/acts of kindness to honor our society’s biggest superheroes, MOTHERS. May 8th this year is Mother Day and we believe mothers are worthy of being honored and blessed all month long. One of God’s best creations are mothers. Mothers go through the pain and joy of bringing their children into this world and do their best to love, care for and give their children the best life possible.

Other than God’s love, a mother’s love is often the purest, deepest, kindest, strongest and most unconditional love any child can ever have. Mothers are generally the most caring, selfless and patient human beings alive, who regularly make untold sacrifices and do anything they can to help their children grow into loving, kind, happy, successful contributing members of society. Our mothers pray for us, guide us and impact who we are and the destiny of our lives. Often when we look in the mirror, we see their face, smile, hopes and dreams looking back at us. They are an undeniable part of what defines who we are.

Many people are blessed to still have their mothers with them on this earth. For some of us, our mothers have transitioned to a better life in Heaven but have left our lives better, richer and more blessed for having them in our life. Others of us have women in our lives who act as proxy Moms or mother figures that love and guide us as if they had given birth to us. Whichever category you fall in, let’s focus on blessing our Mothers, Mother Figures or other mothers that we know this month.

Below are a few ways to secretly show some love to these special women this month:

  • Secretly pay for your mother or mother figure in your life to have a spa day or a day doing an activity she loves.

  • Secretly pay for the meal of a mother and child at a restaurant.

  • Anonymously complete a chore your mother or mother figure would appreciate.

  • Secretly send a note of encouragement and a gift to a struggling Single Mom.


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