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Visit Your Relatives Day!

“The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life.” | Richard Bach

Today we encourage you to take time to visit your relatives and family members. Family exists in many forms. Traditional Families, Step - Families, Foster Families. The main component in every family is love.. “These bonds are important because family members and relatives help us get through the most troubled times and the best times.”

Our relationships with our relatives are important because they offer support and security coupled with unconditional love. Another reason family is so important is because they teach us to know our family history, and the bonds we have formed from that history.

One element I consider important for a family is not only loving each other unconditionally, but truly caring about one another as a person. My Mother always said “It’s one thing to love each other, it's just as important to truly care about each other. This is so true, caring about each other's well being in good times and bad.

Strong ties with relatives within families are essentially the building blocks of society. “Families are responsible for the development of children into adults and will later collectively be society.” “Families are very important to society because they are the foundation society is built upon. The values of the families will be reflected in society at large.”

Here are a few ways family is important to individuals and society

Families Teach Us How to Be Part of Something

Family traditions and connections with relatives teach us a sense of responsibility, and how to love and support each other and others around us. Families teach us to look beyond ourselves. “ Being part of a family group teaches you how to be part of something bigger than yourself. Strong, healthy, happy families are a necessity to society. They teach us how to be part of our community, give back, and be our best selves.”

Families Are the Strength of Our Society

The life lessons we learn through interactions with our relatives start at home and filter into society. “When we have strong family support, we are more likely to fill our basic needs.”

A strong, loving family structure and good relationship with our relatives provide a place where children can feel safe. “They feel encouraged and have more confidence in themselves because they know they’re loved and appreciated. Young people learn to give and receive emotional support.”

Families Teach Us Values

“When children are part of a loving family that teaches discipline and family values, they learn right from wrong and become ingrained with strong values. These strong family values become the foundation of their identity. “

Strong, healthy, loving, happy families and relatives are a necessity to society. They teach us how to be part of our community, give back, and be our best selves without judgment and unconditional love. So, reach out and visit some relatives today, virtually, in person, through text, email or snail mail. Let them know you love them and they bring value to your life.

Written and Submitted by GSS Agent #0313

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Educational Tools, Wellness on April 27, 2020.


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