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Today's Secret Pal Day!

It's Secret Pal Day! A day to send secret sister card messages or messages to coworkers, teachers, bosses, children, colleagues, boyfriends etc.

The history of Secret Pal Day goes back several decades and has been celebrated between groups of friends, coworkers or people from a community organization for years. Similar to the idea of a Secret Santa, the Secret Pal is a person who sends kind gifts and cards to their “pal” all throughout the year.

How to Celebrate Secret Pal Day

  1. Drop off a bouquet of flowers to someone who is going through a tough time.

  2. Deliver a fun package to your secret pal that includes, notecards, stickers, stamps, pens.

  3. Send your pal a basket of fresh fruit or some treats.

  4. Send your secret pal a self-care package with lotions, perfumes and bath salts.

Some Facts about Secrets

  1. An average person keeps 13 secrets, five they will never tell a soul.

  2. To keep its recipe a secret, KFC uses two companies in different places to mix its 11 spices.

  3. Thomas Edison taught his second wife Morse Code so they could communicate in front of her parents.

The benefits of Secret Pal Day

  • It’s day to hang out with our best friends and have fun celebrating with them.

  • When someone supports us, it helps us to feel safe and secure.

  • Secret Pal Day promotes good health.

3 Reasons why it’s Important to Keep Secrets

  1. It builds Trust and Confidence - Keeping secrets helps build trust and confidence in our daily relationships with people.

  2. It Keeps us out of Trouble - Effectively keeping secrets shows our loyalty to people.

  3. It helps us Practice Self Control - Keeping secrets is an effective way of practicing self control.

Written and Submitted by GSS Agent#3013

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