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Throwback Thursday Angel

I thought I would dedicate this #throwbackthursday blog to a person who was the “one in a million” type. A former boss of mine named Mr. Leavitt was one of the kindest and most generous individuals I’ve ever met. He was the type to give his last dime to someone in need. The kind of man who would never even walk past a homeless person without stopping to have a conversation, to see if he could help in any way. I worked with him for seven years before he passed away unexpectedly.

Mr Leavitt was passionate about small businesses and even more passionate about the people working in those small businesses. People came to him all the time to get his advice, help with investments, and just to feel better after having the conversation with him. I had been working with him for a few years when my husband and I got engaged and then married.

Our wedding anniversary is just around the corner and I always think of Mr. Leavitt around this time. Our wedding present from him was very unique, thoughtful, and very unexpected. I knew how much he worked, and the hours he put into his business, along with his charity work, and keeping up with his large family. He and his wife had a timeshare that they loved to go to once a year for a week, and truly allowed themselves to relax in. For our wedding gift though, he gave me and my husband his timeshare for the week! We got to go to Hawaii for a week and create memories that we still treasure to this day.

One of the many lessons I learned from Mr. Leavitt was to give back, especially if you’re blessed to have the ability to do so. So every year on our wedding anniversary my husband and I like to send an unexpected gift to someone else in our lives. This year, we will be sending someone a gift in Secret as we are both part of GSSA. I’d like to encourage you all to do the same. Now, as far as the scale of the gift I would probably recommend going a little bit smaller than a timeshare for a week, but hey - that’s why there’s only a Mr. Leavitt once in a million.

Written and submitted by GSS Agent # 38118


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