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Secret Service Mission Challenge Accomplished!

GSS Agent #00312 reported that she accepted the challenge to conduct secret service missions/acts of kindness to brighten the holiday seasons of random strangers.

She created 10 notes of encouragement and place them in envelopes with $30.00. The notes wished the random recipient Merry Christmas, let them know that “God had their back” and told them that they can use the money to enjoy lunch as they are out shopping during the holidays.

The cards were randomly placed on cars in parking lots throughout her city as she was out doing her own shopping, running errands, or going to church over the past several days. She had fun praying and contemplating about who might be in need of such a blessing and therefore, which car to place the envelops on. She enjoyed conducting her covert mission of kindness and hoped that the recipients were blessed. She certainly felt good about helping to brighten other people’s day.

For the other two days of Christmas not covered by the 10 notes on the cars, Agent #00312 secretly sent two notes of encouragement, cash and a gift to two young men from her church that her church’s Comfort and Care Ministry identified as not having many friends and that needed some love and encouragement. She enlisted her husband to write the notes as she felt he could better provide appropriate words that would be uplifting for the young men.

The bottom line is that GSS Agent #00312 accepted the mission challenge to conduct 12 secret acts of kindness on the 12 Days Before Christmas.

How about you? How is your 12 Days Before Christmas Secret Mission/Act of Kindness Challenge Going? Or, tell us one thing you have done so far this holiday season, or would recommend for others to do to spread kindness to others. Your small act of kindness can make a difference in someone’s life!

Submitted by GSS Agent #00312


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