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November 2022 Mission Briefing: Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It!

Secret Mission Focus Of The Month – VETERANS


Many of us know someone who has served our country as a veteran or is currently serving our country as a member of the military or national guard. These brave men and women are currently putting their lives on the line every day or have done so in the past to protect our country and communities.

According to US government data, there are more than 19M veterans of various past wars and conflicts and 1.3M personnel currently serving in various branches of the military.

Unless we have walked in their shoes we are not able to fully comprehend the sacrifices they make on our behalf to keep our country safe. Let’s keep them in our prayers and secretly show them and their loved ones some love this month!

Salute their bravery by thanking them for their service and willingness to voluntarily put themselves in harm’s way for us at home and oversees. Hoorah!!!

Below are some secret missions related to this theme. GSSA Agents are encouraged to complete one of the suggested secret missions this month or complete one of your own to honor a veteran or member of the armed forces:

Secretly say a prayer for a veteran who you know is suffering from PTSD or other illness.

Secretly send a “Thank You” message to our troops through the USO at or by any other means.

Secretly write a note of thanks and encouragement to a veteran and/or attend a gathering to honor past, present and future veteran for Veterans Day – November 11th.

Secretly order a cake, pizzas or other food and have it delivered to the home/family of a veteran with a note of thanks.

Donate any amount of your choice to the Wounded Warrior Project to help injured

veterans and their families:



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