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June Secret Mission Focus: FATHERS

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Honoring Fathers: The Other half of the Dynamic Duo.

This month GSSA Headquarters encourages its GSS Agents to do secret and visible missions/acts of kindness to honor our fathers, grandfathers, stepfathers and other father figures for their contributions to our lives. President Nixon signed a law in 1972 officially making Father’s Day the third Sunday in June. Father’s Day this year is on June 19th, but we believe that fathers are worthy of being honored and blessed all month long.

Fathers are sometimes viewed as secondary in parenting as compared to mothers, but those of us who had or have amazing Dads can tell you that’s not true. A good father is critical and equally important to the success of a family and the development of children and society. Your Dad likely bathed you, fed you, tucked you into bed at night, taught you how to ride a bike and drive a car, and was probably at your sporting events cheering you on to victory.

Our father’ love, support and consistent encouragement helped to improve our self-esteem and gave us the confidence to pursue our dreams. Their presence in our lives often provide us with a different perspective from Mom which enriched our life experiences and taught us how to explore different and alternatives options and viewpoints in life, which makes us more well-rounded individuals.

Many people are blessed to still have their fathers with them on this earth. For some of us, our fathers or father figures have transitioned to a better life in Heaven but have left our lives better, richer and more blessed for having them in our life. Whichever category you fall in, let’s focus on blessing our Fathers, Step-Fathers, Grandfathers and Father this month.

Below are a few ways to secretly show some love to these special men in our lives this month:

  • Secretly send your father figure tickets to his favorite sporting event or other fun activity, then offer to go with him.

  • Send an anonymous note of gratitude to your father figure life pointing out his best qualities

  • Secretly arrange for the delivery of Dad’s favorite food or dessert.

  • Secretly arrange to have your Dad’s car washed and detailed.

  • Secretly plan a family barbecue or other family gathering for Dad.

  • Secretly conspire with one of his friends to plan an outing for your Dad and his friends.

  • Anonymously send him a sports jersey of his favorite team.

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