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Inspired to Share my “ Uniquely Grateful Memories” and Things I’m Grateful for This Thanksgiving

Last year, our President at GSSA wrote a beautiful blog about her “Uniquely Grateful Memories."

“When most of us are asked to express what we are thankful for, we often list traditional answers like our home, family, job and health. While these things are important, I think that failing to go beyond the obvious answers often robs us of some precious and miraculously good things that happened to us during the year that may never happen again. So, this year, I chose to recall and be grateful for the unique things that happened to me in 2021. “

“Mine are pretty personal and may help you come up with your own unique list of things that happened to you this year for which you are grateful. So here goes..

Reading her blog inspired me to write my list of my “Uniquely Grateful Memories” and things I’m grateful for this Thanksgiving.

  1. I’m grateful for my work. I established a Virtual Assistant Service last year. I also thoroughly enjoy my volunteer work, especially working with GSSA! On the administrative side, I’ve learned new programs and systems, but personally I’ve learned about our world and myself.

  2. I’ve cultivated new friendships: Through my business and volunteer work, I've met good people with the same “vision” as myself, to make the world a better place.

  1. I’m grateful for my family and friends: I’ve been blessed to have a close circle of friends, some who are lifelong friends. I’m grateful I reconnected with my family after many years.

  2. I’m grateful for my health: In 2016, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It “rocked my world” but through radiation treatments, therapy and the love of my family and friends, I got through it. As of last month, I am “cancer free!”

  1. I’m grateful for creativity: In my spare time, I paint and draw. Art gives me such joy and peace.

  2. I’m grateful for my husband: My husband and I celebrated our 29th Wedding Anniversary in October. We have been through many trials, but I’ve always believed God has a purpose for the experiences we go through. My husband has been my closest friend and supporter and I'm excited going into 2023 celebrating 30 years of marriage!

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy and Happy Thanksgiving!

Written and Submitted by GSS Agent#3013


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