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If Speaking is Silver, Then Listening is Gold

Its International Listening Awareness Month. Listening Awareness Month was created to promote the critical role listening plays in our everyday lives. This is especially important for GSS Agents because it is often when we are listening to those around us and truly engaged with others, that we may start to “read between the lines” and recognize when someone may be in need of help, support, or just a pick-me-up.

Have you been in a conversation where the person repeats themselves or you find yourself asking them to repeat “the last thing they said?” Listening is an art. It can build stronger and closer relationships as well as build trust. It can help in understanding and even enjoyment. If you happen to witness someone displaying poor listening skills with the person they are engaged with, it may be your cue to circle back to that person who may be left feeling “unheard” and start up the same type of conversation with them, but this time let them know you are truly hearing them by asking follow-up questions, maintaining eye contact, and repeating key points back to them. It’s amazing how much impact simple conversations like these may have to someone who is in a tough place mentally.

To celebrate International Listening Awareness Month a unique mission idea to try is to listen to those around you. Find someone in your life that may drop a hint or two that they are not feeling up to snuff or doing well in some area. Secretly send them a note of encouragement, drop off a cookie on their desk, or send an anonymous bouquet of flowers to their home. Sometimes people don’t need a solution…they just need to know they have been heard.

Written and submitted by GSS Agent #38118


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