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Everything You Do Is Right Today!

Need some positive reinforcement and affirmation? You’re not alone. We all need some positive affirmation every once in a while that we’re making the right decisions and doing the right things in our lives. If you could use a good shot in the arm, well today is your day! It's National Everything You Do Is Right Day!

There is no particular way to celebrate the day other than assuming that whatever you do today is right and you should feel happy with this knowledge! No matter what your boss, parents, or significant other may tell you — you are doing everything right today! The day could also be celebrated by doing something that you wouldn’t normally do on any other day, or maybe take that risk that may seem daunting to you otherwise.

Imagine that you look beautiful or handsome in that outfit you chose today. You will be on time for all of your meetings and commitments. Everyone loved the food at the restaurant you chose for dinner. That presentation went flawlessly. If there’s a problem, you’ll be right about how to approach that knotty problem and fix it.

Choosing between doing the right or wrong thing can sometimes be difficult because our pride, stubbornness and egos often gets in the way. Or, the problem may be complex and we might not know what the right thing is to do in certain situations. The important thing is that we keep trying to do the right thing no matter what. Here are some ideas to keep your “Right” day on track!

  • Start the day right - with a healthy breakfast. It has long been known that a good breakfast not only has health benefits but can help people concentrate better on their work during the day.

  • Spend time with happy, positive people. Psychologists all agree that a person is as happy as the least happiest person around them. So, surrounding yourself with cheerful people means that some of their positivity may rub off onto you.

  • Need to de-stress? Take this day to give yourself a much-needed pampering. Go to the spa, spend some time at the yoga studio, or just park yourself on the couch with a huge tub of ice cream and marathon your favorite show.

  • Most importantly let’s remember why we’re all a part of this great organization…because we know one of the best ways to feel like we’ve done something right, is by doing something Secretly to bless others!

You can’t be wrong today, so do what makes you happy and do something to help others. Take chances, guess, try that thing you failed at again, and most importantly, pay it forward to someone who might be having an “Everything is Wrong Day!” Choose a Secret Mission/Act of Kindness, carry it out today and it will certainly be the right thing to do!

Written and Submitted By GSS Agent# 38118



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