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Dust Off Your Stationary: December 7th is National Letter Writing Day

National Letter Writing Day is December 7, 2021. National letter writing day encourages us to take a break from technology and pick up a pen and paper to connect with someone, on perhaps a deeper, more personal level.

Millennials, like me, have the distinct honor of being the “bridge” generation. We grew up without the internet when we were children, but saw it invented and very quickly utilized it by the time we were young adults. We played with our friends outside all day, and came in when the street lights came on in the evenings.

Telephones still had cords, you had to “be kind and rewind” your VHS tapes before you returned them to Blockbuster, and people still wrote letters to keep in touch. It was a real thrill when your best friend went on vacation during the summer months and you would walk out to your mailbox and receive a postcard from them! School projects involved choosing a pen-pal from some far away land and exchanging letters back and forth for months

A lot has changed! Today’s generation will never know what a “busy signal” is, how to use an encyclopedia for school papers, or that a phone call used to cost 10¢ or 25¢ to make at a phone booth. Five year olds now carry cell phones and look at you like you’re crazy if you ask them to write in cursive. And although the nostalgia of the “good old days” will always remain for some of us, the power of technology can’t be denied. It is a Brave New World and we have yet to discover what great inventions lay ahead of us.

The greatest trick of all is somehow preserving our traditions, faith, fellowship, and connections while also embracing the new and unknown possibilities yet to come.

In the spirit of tradition and reminiscence, we encourage you to pick a day this week to unplug from social media. Use that time to reflect and anonymously write a letter to someone to encourage him/her, provide a list of their best qualities or thank them for their support.

It could be to a healthcare worker, active or retired military personnel, or first responder. It could be to a friend you haven’t spoken with in a long time, or someone you know may be struggling with something in their life right now. Imagine their thrill and surprise when they receive a hand-written letter from someone in their mailbox, instead of just one more email in their inbox. It’s a feeling that isn't easily replicated!

In addition to sending a secret letter to someone, we encourage you to consider posting on your social media about your intention to take a break from your various social platforms for one day this week to spread awareness of the importance of unplugging from time to time to write old fashioned letters of appreciation or just to catch up with people. You can use these hashtags - #NationalLetterWritingDay; #GSSA, #spreadkindness, #actofkindness

An anonymous hand-written letter is just one more way to brighten someone’s day. If you are so inclined you could add a gift card as well. Small acts can have big impacts, and you may not ever know how much this little act means to the recipient. That’s why it’s so important to give graciously and humbly of ourselves without the need for credit or acknowledgement. That’s exactly what we’re all about! So take a moment to remember the “good old days” and know that your small act of sending an anonymous hand-written letter will bring untold joy into the life of another person.

In the sprit of the challenge, tell us when was the last time you sent a hand written to someone or when was the last time you received one?

Written and submitted by GSS Agent # 38118


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