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Computer Science Impacts our World: Computer Science Education Week

The largest learning event in history, Computer Science Education Week aims to get K-12 students interested in computer coding.

Along with coding, Computer Science Education Week also highlights the importance of computer science. Computer science is an important subject because it teaches problem-solving and analytical skills, and is an essential skill in the modern job market.

The first Computer Science Education Week started in 2009. Google, Intel and the National Science foundation came together to fund the week.

Celebrating Computer Science- Computer Science Impacts our World

  • Home: Most homes benefits from computer science in some way:

  • Smart Lights

  • Smart Locks

  • Google Home or Amazon Alexa

  • Gaming Consoles

  • Education: Online Classes/coursework can be done anywhere:

  • Virtual Labs

  • Virtual Field Trips

  • Drawing Tools

  • Video Lectures

  • Businesses : Virtual Marketplaces:

  • Keep Track of expenses

  • Order Tracking

  • Tracking Services

  • Database Management

A Few Facts:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that jobs for Computer and Information Research Scientists will grow 21% through 2031.

Artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and Web 3.0 will continue to provide secure career pathways for those who want to learn the ropes in this lucrative field.

How to Observe Computer Science Education Week:

More than 200,000 “Hour of Code” events are held during this week in over 180 countries. Encourage students to engage in the “Hour of Code” event during Computer Science Education Week.

  • Learn to code by book, an online course or use an interactive tutorial

  • Give a shout out to your program and computer engineer friends

  • Teach students about coding and computer science inspired by real NASA missions and science

Computer Science Education Week Activities:

Coding Projects- Coding Projects for students inspired by real NASA missions and science

Learning Space with NASA- How to use coding to explore mars

Coding Lessons for Educators-Teach students about coding and computer

science inspired by real NASA missions and science

Written and Submitted by GSS Agent#3013

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