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April Secret Mission Focus: Honoring Our Local Heroes

This month GSSA encourages its GSS Agents to do secret and visible missions/acts of kindness to honor our hometown superheroes, First Responders. These police officers, fight fighters, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), and paramedics are there to respond and provide help to others when there is an accident or emergency in the home, on the road, or anywhere in our community. They work to help and protect our lives and property during medical emergencies, fires, natural disasters, terrorist acts, and even just helping us find or rescue our beloved pet that wonder away from home.

These men and women serve our community with quiet strength, kindness, compassion, perseverance and bravery. They have a heart for helping others, often working long hours and sacrificing their own safety to help people in need. They often encounter dangerous situations like fires, mass shootings, car accidents, and situations that require performing life saving measures to help others.

Although, their “day job” and what they signed up to do is to save lives, many first responders not only help during emergencies, they also have the compassion to help victims of emergencies and disaster after the fact. Many like police officer Mike Kohr of the Oxnard, CA Police Department, helps others while off duty. One day, Officer Kohr happened to see a police report that a little girl Bella’s Christmas present was stolen. He made the compassionate decision to replace the stolen Minnie Mouse bicycle on his own. The next day he made Bella and her family very happy and helped restore their faith in humanity by presenting her with a brand new bicycle.

We’ve also heard about officers fostering and adopting children who were victims of crimes or disasters so they are not separated from each other, and first responders who conducted fundraisers for funeral expenses to help victims of disasters. Do you know one of these superheroes? If not, they are right there in your community, working without fanfare to help keep your community safe.

Below are a few ways to secretly show some love to these brave men and women this month:

• Place a note of encouragement or thanks on the windshield of a parked police vehicle.

• Send a note of thanks and a donation to your local fire station.

• Order or bake a cake and have it delivered to an emergency rescue squad.

• Send a basket of goodies to your local hospital emergency room.

• Whenever you pass or hear first responders on the road, pray for their safety.



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