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8 Ways to Celebrate Administrative Professionals Week

No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another.” Joseph Addison

Administrative Professionals Week started Monday and goes through the end of April. The first Administrative Professionals' Day was celebrated in 1952, back then known as “National Secretaries Day.” Over the past few years, Administrative Professionals Week may have felt a bit different since the pandemic, but the message is still the same: To acknowledge our Administrative Professionals for their invaluable contributions to the workplace.

Administrative Professionals are valuable assets to any organization because they keep Executives and employees on task, they remain calm under pressure, they have clear and effective communication skills and they have an impeccable ability to multitask. For instance, juggling an executive's calendar while scheduling zoom meetings and webinars for the organization and much more!

Admins are an essential part in office management, organization, and daily communications which ultimately lead to an organization's success!

Here are some ways to thank your Admin this week:

  1. Donate -Donate to an organization in his/her name.

  2. Spa Day - Treat your administrative professional with a basket full of bath goodies like sweet-smelling soaps and lotions.

  3. Make a List - Show your appreciation with a list of all the ways they make a difference.

  4. Meal Delivery - Arrange to have dinner delivered straight to their door.

  5. Stock Up - Make the workday a little brighter with colorful sticky notes, an automatic stapler, cool ergonomic mouse pad, awesome writing tools of their choice and a gift card to the office supply store for a supply shopping spree.

  6. Goodie Jar - This easy two-for-one gift is a great way to make your admin feel special. Purchase empty mason jars and fill them with sweet and savory treats. Once the jar is empty, they will have a beautiful keepsake.

  7. Notecards - Make it personal with a special design or monogram.

  8. Picture Perfect - Add a personal touch to their office with a digital picture frame they will enjoy all year.



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