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New GSSA Website Will Inspire You to Change the World

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

The God’s Secret Service Agents Foundation Board of Directors is excited to announce the launch of our organization’s new website located on the web at The organization’s old website and logo were created more than five years ago and needed a new facelift. The new website is aimed at relaunching our charitable organization aimed at inspiring people to spread kindness, love and joy in today’s often fractured and contentious world. Checkout this video for a quick tour of the new website.

New and Improved Website

After several months of hard work and dedication, the redesigned GSSA Foundation website will be launched on November 2, 2021. The new website is faster, easier to navigate, more informative and more user-friendly for people to sign-up as GSS Agents and to find and complete secret missions/acts of kindness.

Another goal of improving the website was to provide our visitors with an exciting way to learn about the innovative approach behind the GSSA concept of conducting secret service missions or acts of kindness. We also want to encourage engagement, discussion and interactions among GSS Agents as they find, plan, complete and share secret missions accomplished.

4 Enhanced Pages of the New GSSA Website

The new website provides more detailed information about:

  1. Who we are and why we encourage you to do secret missions of kindness based on biblical principles found in Matthew 6:1-4;

  2. How to find and regularly conduct secret missions;

  3. A new and improved Forum for GSS Agents to anonymously report their missions accomplished, and interaction with and get inspiration from secret missions conducted by other GSS Agents;

  4. More ways to support the organization through donating and volunteering to help GSSA Headquarters (GSSA HQ) conduct larger scale secret missions of kindness to spread love and kindness in the world. GSSA Headquarters is always looking for volunteers willing to help recruit individuals, social groups, businesses, churches to participate in the organization and to plan special events and GSS Agent Bootcamp training programs.

6 New Features of the Improved GSSA Website

The new GSSA website contains several new exciting features, including:

  1. Three different ways to sign-up as a GSS Agent: as an Individual Agents, as part of a group (Mission Squad) or as Business/Organization/Church (Special Ops Force);

  2. Guidelines and help for how to start and manage your group’s GSSA Mission Squad or Business/Organization’s GSSA Special Ops Force;

  3. Information on how GSSAs Agents can increase their security clearance and rank by completing specified number of secret missions;

  4. A “Licensed to Serve” Blog to share inspiration stories of the impact of secret missions being conducted by GSS Agents, along with tips on how to sharpen your skills as a GSSA Agent and other cool articles;

  5. An amazing new GSSA Mission Gear Shop to purchase cool gear to wear and use as you carry out your secret missions of kindness, including “Agent Calling Post Cards, ” note cards and stickers to leave the person you helped without revealing your identity;

  6. Integrated social media buttons for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites to foster improved communication and engagement with current and potential GSS Agents.

Expect Regular Updates

We plan to constantly update our current content with helpful information based on program expansion features approved by GSSA HQ, as well as your feedback and needs. In the future, look for other new information and exciting features including fun contests, special events, agent bootcamp training webinars, resource list of secret missions that you can choose to accept and a monthly “For Your Eyes Only” newsletter.

Have ideas about information and resources you would like to see on our website to help you

successfully fulfill your role as a GSS Agent, we would like to hear them. Email us at

Special Thanks

We would like to thank our amazing design team for helping to design the new GSSA website, some of whom volunteered their time and energy to help the cause. The team worked well together with GSSA Board members to bring the vision to reality. Team members include:

Web Designer - Brooke Denevan, London Aster Media

Logo Design - Sha’nelle Fly Eagle Delfosse, Shared Images, LLC

They have been fantastic to work with and we wholeheartedly recommend them to help you with your website or project! Special thank you to our initial kickoff group of GSSAs, who bravely

volunteered to proofread and test the website functionality. Your help was greatly appreciated.

Join Us!

We invite you to explore the new website and sign-up to become a GSS Agent! Together we can change the world one secret mission or act of kindness at a time! Keep an eye out for our next

“Licensed to Serve ”Blog post.

We welcome your suggestions, feedback or comments at


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