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Purple for Peace

National Wear Purple for Peace Day is celebrated annually today.

Peace can be attainable. "That’s why wearing purple for peace is a small act of advocating for peace throughout the world."

The color purple is associated with royalty, nobility, and ambition. It can also represent spirituality, wisdom, and peace.

Envision a world without negative emotions such as anger. "If we succeed in establishing peace within ourselves, then peace will spread throughout the world."

People in all nations should live in a condition of inner freedom, contentment, and harmony. World peace is worth fighting for if there is no conflict, no violence, no war, and no fighting.

By letting go of bad emotions bringing out positive ones like compassion, we may cultivate peace for the world. "The world will experience peace if we are successful in creating it inside ourselves."

Acknowledge Purple for Peace Day

Wear purple Wear a purple suit, purple T-shirt, purple sweatshirt, or purple hoodie to show the world that you want peace.

Share The more people who are aware of the day and participate in the celebration, the closer we are to achieving the world peace that we all desire.

Maintain and Value Peace Before we can promote peace, we must first keep peace within ourselves.

A few facts..

- William Henry Perkin accidentally discovered synthetic purple dye ( mauve) while trying

to synthesize quinine.

- The phobia for the color purple is called " Porphyrophobia."

- America's oldest military award is given to military members is the Purple Heart.

Written and Submitted by GSS Agent#3013

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