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Nurture your Bond: National Father/Daughter Take a Walk Day

Today is a day to celebrate the special relationship between Fathers and Daughters.

This unique day is important because it helps strengthen the bond between a father and daughter and what better way than getting outdoors and taking a walk together?

A Father’s impact on a daughter’s life will last a lifetime. Daughters learn how women and men should interact by watching their Father's behavior towards their mom. Having a positive and respectful behavior towards their mom, reinforces their daughter’s self -esteem and self-image.

A Few Facts about National Father Daughter Take a Walk Day

  • Holding hands nurtures the bond between a Father and Daughter.

  • Studies suggest that girls with stronger paternal bonds perform better academically.

  • The image of their Fathers impacts the way Daughters view other men in their life.

  • The positive relationship between a Father and Daughter can positively impact the communication skills of the individual. It helps the girl communicate and bond better with other people in her life.

How to Celebrate National Father Daughter Take a Walk Day

  • Take a short walk and stroll through your neighborhood or park.

  • Dads, let your Daughter share her dreams and goals with you.

  • Dads, engage your Daughter and conversation, showing her you are interested in all facets of her life.

  • Schedule future Father Daughter Take a Walk Days.

Written and Submitted by GSS Agent#3013

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