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Mentorship Matters: The Importance of "I Am A Mentor Day"

"I Am A Mentor Day" is celebrated every year on January 7. Mentoring is very much needed in our world today. "This year, the aim is to encourage all those who have a hidden mentor in them to rise up and share their experiences."

Mentors teach us, guide us and empower us to make a change in our world. "They make you aware of your inner strengths and nurture you towards success. "

Some examples of great Mentors :Aristotle, Steve Jobs and Warren Buffett.

"Today, when there are almost infinite possibilities and opportunities, there is a lot of confusion which causes sadness when young people do not know what to do. Recently, social scientists have also raised a big issue that there is a huge generation gap today. Teenagers who are about to graduate from high school or are in their final years often find themselves misunderstood. This misunderstanding leads them to make wrong decisions which can potentially ruin their future. "

Interesting Facts about I am a Mentor Day

  1. Around 89% of all the mentees go on to mentor others who are trapped in their situations and require some guidance.

  2. 71% of all the Fortune 500 companies have their own mentoring departments.

  3. Having a good relationship between a mentor and a mentee has always been a huge confidence booster.

  4. Being a mentor brings contentment and happiness into the life of the mentor and the mentee.

The Importance of I Am A Mentor Day

  • Everyone needs a mentor from time to time.

  • "Being there for someone and positively guiding them is a service." I Am A Mentor Day is a great day to support someone in need of guidance.

  • Mentoring carries a lot of value. " If the message reaches a good majority of people, many would want to sign up and start their mentoring program. "

Written and Submitted by GSSAgent#3013

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