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Be kind! The World Needs It!

Over the years the world has become a very cruel place because we no longer care for humanity. We wake up every day and only think about ourselves. Compared to the olden days, these days there is so much anger, hatred, and bitterness everywhere. Kind gestures such as greeting a passerby and sharing have all been thrown out the window and replaced with rude behavior and selfishness. But there is hope because you can be kind to others for your benefit. Here's why you need to wake up every day and choose to put a smile on other people's faces:

Don't add fuel to the fire

When you choose kindness over meanness you will be contributing to the well-meaning efforts of individuals who want this world to become a better place for all. Choose kindness because it's what we need to bring this divided world together. If you don't choose kindness and love, you will only be adding fuel to the fire by spreading more hatred that will come back and bite you directly or indirectly.

You expect kindness from others

Who doesn't want to be treated with kindness and respect? Karma is real and if you want people to see you as a human being you need to extend the same level of grace and love to the person next to you. You get from others what you give. The next time you see that homeless and hungry man in your neighborhood stop by and help where you can because you would expect the same if you were in his shoes.

Get your dopamine from acts of kindness

Studies have shown that engaging in acts of kindness can reduce stress, anxiety, and feelings of depression. Perhaps all you need is to become a kinder human being if you suffer from stress and anxiety (and not too many prescription drugs). People who take part in kind behavior feel fulfilled whenever they put a smile on someone's face because that is what life should be all about. God put us on this earth as the most intelligent beings on the planet so we can take care of each other and everything else on earth.

You can be kind behind closed doors

Don't be "kind" just because you want to be seen and applauded. Do it genuinely from the bottom of your heart as a gift to humanity. Your secret act of kindness will inspire the recipient to be kind to the next person regardless of who is watching. Wake up everyday knowing that you will strive to be a decent human being who will love others wholeheartedly.

Written and submitted by GSS Agent#  31545

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