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January 2023 Mission Briefing-Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It!

Secret Mission Focus Of The Month – SERVERS/WAIT STAFF

During January, the first month of 2023, GSSA Headquarters encourages its GSS Agents to conduct secret missions to help SERVERS/WAIT STAFF who serve all of us when we go out to eat and fellowship with family and friends.

Servers and wait staff are hardworking people who spend long hours on their feet to represent their restaurants and ensure that we receive good customer service when we are out eating out. Working in the service industry is often a hard and thankless job, where workers must literally rely on the kindness of strangers, via tips, to make a living.

We expect good service from servers and wait staff yet we often treat them like they are less than human and beneath us. But without good and patient service from these diligent men and women, our dining out experience would be less than enjoyable.

Colossians 4:16, tells employers and others to “treat workers considerably. Be fair with them and don’t forget for a minute that you, too, serve a Master, God in Heaven. Servers and wait staff deserve our respect and kindness like anyone else we interact with in the world. We can start with small actions like smiling, being polite, learning and calling servers by name, genuinely asking them how they are doing and not taking your anger out on them if your food wasn’t prepared correctly.

This month as you decompress from the busyness of the holiday season, GSSA HQ encourages you to take a moment to bring some light into the life of a waiter, waitress, or other wait staff by secretly blessing one this month. You can do so by completing one of the secret missions listed below, or by completing one of your own.

Secretly leave your wait staff a large tip of 50% or more in appreciation of their service.

Secretly compliment the work of a wait staff member to his/her Manager.

Leave a note or card of encouragement with the bill to

brighten the day of your restaurant server.

Be kind and respectful to a restaurant server by helping to clean up your table after your meal and leaving them a gift card as an extra tip for their service.

Written by : GSS Agent 007


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