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It's National Teachers Week!

"Teaching is the greatest act of optimism.” Unknown

My Mother was a Teacher. It was a dream she had all her life. My Mother was very intelligent, driven and she was one of the strongest people I’ve ever known. She received her Master’s degree at 58 years of age. It was amazing to learn later in my life after her passing, the impact she had on her students.

We all have a teacher or know a teacher who has inspired us in some way.

In 1944, an Arkansas school teacher, Mattye White Woodridge, wrote to politicians and educational professionals about the demand for a day to appreciate teachers.

In 1953, Eleanor Roosevelt compelled lawmakers to adopt the day.

"After the National Education Association (NEA) and Kansas and Indiana state affiliates lobbied Congress again to create National Teacher Day on March 7, 1980, they continued to observe it yearly even though Congress did not. They did this until 1985 when the Assembly transformed the single day into the first full week of May. "

Gift Ideas to Honor Teachers

Gift Cards:

Give a gift card from Target, Best Buy, or Spa Finder.

Make a Donation:

The best organizations to donate to are the National Education Association Foundation,, Donors Choose, and

Heartfelt Cards:

Make or buy a card to show your appreciation.

A Cup of Coffee:

Buy coffee for the teachers in your district/school or gift cards.

I think it takes a unique person to be a Teacher, besides education, it takes love of children but also the genuine love of teaching. There are many teachers in this world, Jesus was a teacher, a loving one. Parents are teachers, “Informal Teachers” if you will. Our parents guide us, protect us and lovingly teach us the ways of the world.

Activities and Ideas for National Teachers Appreciation Week

Read Books about Education and Educators.

A great way to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week is to add some helpful books about education, teaching, and learning.

Subscribe to Podcasts by and about Teachers.

Tune in to some podcasts about the experiences of educators is to listen to educators.

A Few Ways to Celebrate National Teacher’s Day

  1. Refill their supplies: Help them stock their classrooms and cabinets.

  2. Write a letter to a teacher showing his/her the impact they’ve made in your life.

  3. Volunteer in your schools.

  4. Write a Blog/Article honoring teachers in your school district.

“No matter where we are in life, a teacher influenced us”- Unknown

Written and Submitted by GSS Agent#3013

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