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Humility is a Dish Served Warm

“I promise you won’t choke while swallowing that pride!” I recall hearing this phrase loud and clear, even though it escapes me from where or from whom I heard it. It comes back to mind every time I find myself in a predicament where my ego and pride are getting the best of me, including when I do a kind deed for someone.

Everyone finds themselves at some point, desiring to be right in a debate, to be treated with love and respect, to be appreciated for the good they do, or to simply be acknowledged for their accomplishments they’ve worked so hard to achieve. However, the big question is: How much does any of that matter in the grand scheme of things? In our desire to be right, served and acknowledged, do we ever really find true fulfillment?

It is my observation that when we are doing what we can to help others, is often when we get the most fulfillment and satisfaction in our lives. Isn’t that the example our Lord and Savior exhibited when He came to us? The Word of

God teaches us that in order to find rest for our souls, we should take upon ourselves the yoke of Christ and learn of

Him, for He is gentle and humble in heart (Matthew 11:29).

We are living in times where everything is about glorifying self-made images. What we do for a living, what we wear, where we live, what car we drive seems to have taken priority over the things that really matter. It is time that we get back to showing humility through kindness and exemplifying true love in action. In 2022, let’s strive to help others, secretly whenever possible, and not expecting anything in return, just as our Savor exemplified.

Christ came to serve and not be served (Matthew 20:28). His purpose was to serve, heal and save the lost. If we are to follow in His footsteps, as children of the Most High God, our life purpose will go beyond our own survival, achievement, comfort and self-actualization to a higher purpose of spreading kindness and sharing the Love of God through small, large or practical acts of kindness driven by humility. In this manner, we exemplify the humility of Christ and see our destinies through the lenses of our Father in Heaven, as world changers who believe they can help to make the world a better place.

If we choose to humble ourselves, we would have to admit that we ourselves often need help, and that we cannot do everything on our own. If we do, it will open doors for us to humbly receive help from the people that God has placed in our lives to be blessings to us. As we are blessed, we can also spread kindness to people who God points out to us that need our help and assistance. As we walk humbly with our God as He desires for us to do, we succeed in pleasing Him, helping others and finding long-lasting fulfillment ourselves because we are properly motivated from our hearts to do good.

Conducting secret service/missions of kindness as a GSS Agent is a good way to display humility, by helping others without receiving any accolades or expecting anything in return. Consider a few ways to walk in humility today:

  • Secretly, helping someone who may have hurt you in the past at a time that they need help. Now that’s genuine humility!

  • Reach out to someone who may not be speaking to you, because of a recent disagreement, with a kind gesture such as a birthday card or a friendly note saying that they are important and loved.

  • Display kindness to the maid, janitor, waitress, nanny or someone in the service industry by assisting them in some way or making their job easier.

Hopefully, you find these ideas helpful as you embark on your journey as a GSS Agent seeking to grow and change by walking in humility and serving others with a meek and humble heart.

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Written and Submitted by GSS Agent #1212


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