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Honor and Celebrate: National Hire a Veteran Day

National Hire a Veteran Day was created in 2017, by Dan Caporate to remind job seekers and employers the value of hiring Veterans.

History of National Hire a Veteran Day

“The word ‘veteran’ itself means ‘old’ — from the Latin root word ‘vetus.’ Across the globe, this word is used to refer to someone who has had a long career in any particular occupation or field. The U.S. primarily uses this word to describe someone who has been discharged from the armed forces.”

Near the end of the Second American Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln famously called for the good treatment of veterans. This war also produced some veterans organizations like the Grand Army of the Republic and the United Confederate Veterans.

Observe and Celebrate

- If you own a business consider hiring a Veteran. Veterans are highly trained and they exhibit commendable skills and strengths such as strategy, decisiveness and loyalty.

- Veterans can use their skills and expertise in various industries like engineering, cybersecurity, sales and marketing


- It’s good for business- Research shows Veterans remain with their initial company 85% longer than non-Veterans

- Veterans are better hires- Veterans are 160% more likely to have a graduate degree or higher

- America has a lot of Veterans- Approximately 200,000 military people leave the services every year

- Veterans have more than technical skills- Veterans have “soft skills” as well as project planning and organization and critical thinking

- Veterans employees work well in groups- Service members often rely on their core group to operate effectively and safely and that close relationships over the years builds the ability to work well with others

Written and Submitted by GSS Agent#3013

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