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Helping Others Can Help Your Own Mental Health

As the global pandemic continues on, and the latest COVID-19 variant seems to put our sense of “normal” even further out of reach, our mental health may be flagging at times. Uncertainty is often the basis for unhappiness. When we feel out of control our anxiety levels rise, and our sense of peace decreases.

Cognitive Scientists have found that control was the number one contributor to people’s overall level of happiness. Those who felt they had a sense of agency in their day-to-day lives were far happier than those who did not. One of the best ways to feel in control of our lives is to plan something and then execute it. Especially if it’s performing a secret act of kindness for a stranger or someone in our life who may be struggling! Anticipatory events help us feel excited, and also give us a sense of control.

This week’s secret mission is simple. take some time to boost our own mental health by positively impacting the mental health of one of your neighbors that you don’t know. Bake some cookies, pick up a treat, or buy a gift card; and place it on a neighbor’s doorstep. Leave a note encouraging them to take some time to appreciate the impact they have on the world - as uncertain as it may seem sometimes. Once you plan your mission and execute it you may also experience a sense of control, peace, and happiness.

What are you waiting for? Accept the mission today and tell us how it made you feel!

Written and submitted by GSS Agent # 38118


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