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GSS Agent Mission Led by God!

This blog contains an inspiring story of kindness in action submitted by GSS Agent#816.

I was running errands in this order: Target, bank, shopping date with a friend. Checking out at Target, I decided to get some cash (not planned or needed) even though I was heading to the bank next. With cash unexpectedly in my wallet, and on my way to the bank, I realized I somehow had 30 (unplanned) extra minutes (crazy, I know...), so I stopped to vacuum my car (not planned, but much needed).

Pulling out from the carwash (unplanned errand), I noticed a car parked at the pump, and a woman pouring gas from a can into her car (hmmm, why not use the pump?), and her man was walking into the store. Their old car had a broken out window, and was packed full. I pulled over and asked if her husband went in to buy gas, but she said - no, he had food stamps and was getting food. I gave her the unplanned cash and she almost shouted, "I KNEW God would provide for me - He always does!"

Then she told me that her husband had just gotten out of a month-long hospital stay yesterday, their car had been broken into overnight , and they have no home. I left to pre-pay for a tank of gas and get more cash for their groceries, and when I got back her husband was with her. She hugged me and said God is SO good to me! Then she told her husband "You give her a hug" and in an almost comical aside to me "You know, he just needs more of the Spirit."

I was so inspired that she kept saying how God is always there for her, ALWAYS provides. I have a job, a bank account, and a nice car, and yet, even though I've been gifted with so much more on earth than she has, I'm not as thankful or trusting for daily provision as she is. She is filled with gratitude for God's provision, even though she has a broken car, a sick husband, no job and nowhere to live! God planned our connection for her and for me.

If my day had gone on my plan, I would not have had cash, and would not have been at that corner at that time. And now I know that GOD planned for me to have money and be right at that spot, at that time, to give His provision to one of his beautiful daughters and her husband who needed to see God provide, and to encourage me to trust Him too.

Written and Submitted by GSS Agent #816


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