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Get into the Festive Spirit with Christmas Card Day, 2023: Why Sending Cards is Still Relevant Today

I still make it a point each year to send out Christmas Cards.

It makes me feel good to send them and I know my family and friends enjoy it too!

"According to Smithsonian Magazine, the tradition of sending cards dates back to the mid-1800s, when Henry Cole, a prominent educator and patron of the arts, found himself with too many friends to correspond with. To save time sending responses, Cole asked an artist friend to design something for him."

Why sending Christmas Cards is still important even in our virtual world:

  1. Taking the time to write or send a meaningful thoughtful message shows that we care and we took the time to send Christmas Cards to the ones we love.

  2. I know for me, I love getting any greeting cards in the mail, especially Chrsitmas Cards! "Receiving a handwritten card creates a personal connection between the sender and the recipient. It’s a tangible way to express emotions and feelings that cannot be conveyed through digital messages."

  3. Buying greeting cards from small businesses supports independent artists.

In the 1840's the first Christmas Cards were created but they were costly to print. 1875, German printer Louis Prang started mass-producing the cards, making them affordable. It wasn’t until the Hall brothers opened Hallmark in 20th century that the practice really took off in the U.S.

Fun Facts about Christmas Card Day:

  1. The British civil servant, Sir Henry Cole, is known to be the creator of the first Christmas card in 1843.

  2. In the US, people purchase around 6.5 billion greeting cards annually, with Christmas being the most popular card-sending occasion.

  3. Christmas Card Day is not only observed in America, but all around the world. " People from various cultures and countries participate in this festive tradition of sending and receiving holiday cards."

  4. Over the last few years, people have made Do It Yourself Cards. " There has been a rise in the popularity of handmade or custom-designed cards, reflecting the thoughtfulness of the messages shared during the holiday season."

“I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all year long.” — Charles Dickens, “A Christmas Carol” 

Written and Submitted by GSSAgent#3013

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