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Celebrating National Entrepreneurs Day: Recognizing the Hustle and Success of Entrepreneurs

National Entrepreneur’s Day is an annual event occurring on the third Tuesday of November (November 21) that honors people who have built an empire from the ground up.

Entrepreneurship is the process of launching, and running a new business, while an entrepreneur is the person who operates the business.

Inventions from the postage stamp, the jet engine, to the microchip, brilliant minds have changed the way we live our lives and the way our futures are shaped.

"In recognition of these people, it is now possible to celebrate Entrepreneurs’ Day. Since its inauguration in 2010, Entrepreneurs’ Day is an annual event that honors those men and women who have very often created an empire from absolutely nothing, most of them making themselves rather wealthy in the process as well."

"All of the products that have become essential in our daily lives were once just a prototype in some budding entrepreneur’s mind. This day celebrates those go-getters, and inspires people to be entrepreneurs themselves, and start their own businesses - especially those that are part of the next generation! "

Honor National Entrepreneur's Day

- Bring your idea to life: - Research competing companies or similar businesses .- Spread the word:

- Post about National Entrepreneur's Day and why it’s a day we all can celebrate on Social Media.

- Connect:

-Attend events to connect with local business owners.

"Dare to be unique; this is where greatness begins."

Written and Submitted by GSSAgent#3013

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