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August 2022: Secret Mission Briefing: TEACHERS & STUDENTS

During the month of August, GSSA Headquarters encourages its GSS Agents to conduct secret missions to honor and bless Teachers and Students returning to school for a brand new school year. With recent school shootings, conflicts over curriculum, bullying and other issues, students, teachers, administrators and our schools need our prayers and support.

Schools and great teachers help students to:

  • Develop intellectual skills like reading, math and other abilities needed to effectively function in society

  • Develop social skills and learn how to effectively interact with others in society on teams, in families and in the workplace.

  • Develop critical thinking skills to solve problems and make life decisions.

  • Learn civic responsibility that shapes our collective culture and social norms.

  • Prepare to live as productive and contributing members of society .

Strong schools that provide equal access to quality education for all children help to build strong communities. Well trained, compensated and valued teachers help produce successful well-rounded citizens. GSS Agents, we can do our part this month to support schools in our communities as they perform the vital function of educating the next generation of leaders and citizens

Below are a few secret missions that you can do to help teachers, students and schools this month:

Pray for a successful and safe school year for students and teachers.

Anonymously leave an uplifting note and a gift card for a student to help encourage them to do well in the upcoming school year.

Drop off a box or backpack full of school supplies for a teacher or student at your local school.

Volunteer to help with “Meet the Teacher” night or other school activity.

Leave a big tip for the waitress that appears to be a student attending high school or college.


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