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National Good Neighbor Day: Enrich your Life

"Being a good neighbor is an art which makes life richer. " Gladys Taber

"National Good Neighbors Day" is a day to participate in fun activities and bond with our neighboring families. Being a good neighbor helps build solid and long-lasting relationships.

Decades ago, being a good neighbor was often revered. In today's world, some of us don't know our neighbors. "Neighbors are an integral part of our social lives – whether at home or at work. " National Good Neighbor Day" on September 28 is an annual holiday that promotes neighborliness and niceness towards people who surround us. "

National Good Neighbor Day was first celebrated in the early 1970s by Becky Mattson who wanted to connect with her neighbors in Montana. It officially became a holiday in 1978, when President Jimmy Carter signed a proclamation to establish the holiday.

National Good Neighbor Day Facts

If you're kind to your neighbors, they will be kind back to you.

To be a good neighbor means to always be helpful and kind.

Less than three percent of people know the names of their neighbors.

The word neighbor comes from the Old English word neahgebur.

Celebrate National Good Neighbor Day

  • If you don’t know your neighbors take a chance and strike up a conversation.

  • Bake some goodies and share them with your neighbors.

  • Invite your neighbors to your home for brunch.

"Having the love for your neighbor requires a special heart and thoughtfulness.."

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