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National Do Something Nice Day

“Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness in people.” - Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Today empowers people to perform and promote acts of kindness for strangers or loved ones. in "This holiday is a great reminder that doing good deeds makes the world better."

Facts and History of Goodness

- Some of the greatest evidences of people doing something far beyond took place during World War II.

- Research has shown performing acts of kindness has shown health benefits, such as the release of oxytocin, which is a hormone that helps lower the blood pressure and reduce anxiety.

- Other reports have shown people have more energy after being kind and that generous people are more likely to be happy themselves.

- Older adults who volunteer to help others are less likely to report aches and pains and they are 44% less likely to die early.

- As a nun and a teacher, Mother Teresa started her own order of nuns whose primary task was is to care for and look after the most needy in Calcutta.

- Writer and activist Anne Herbert publishes an article titles Practice Random Acts of Kindness and Acts of Senseless Beauty, launching a movement of people being nice.

Fun Activities for National Be Nice Day

  1. Hug a Friend Today is the right time to give a friend a hug.

  2. Spread the Word Post on social media throughout the day to bring awareness to being kind to others.

  3. Invite Friends over For a Dinner Party Plan a meal and get together with close friends.

Benefits of Being Kind

  1. Being kind feels good.

  2. Spreading goodness is good for our hearts.

  3. Showing kindness helps build stronger relationships and lowers stress.

  4. Being nice to others decreases chances of contracting some diseases.

Written and Submitted by GSSAgent#3013

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