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Mission Intel:

Hello GSS Agents! This month GSSA Headquarters secret mission targets are our society’s biggest superheroes, MOTHERS. Mothers are often the most caring and selfless human beings alive. They make many sacrifices to help their children grow into happy, successful contributing members of society. In Exodus 20:12, one of the 10 commandments says to, “Honor your Father and your Mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you” Many people are blessed to still have their mothers with them on this earth. For some, our mothers have transitioned to a better life in Heaven. Some of us have women in our lives who act as mother figures who love and guide us, as if they had given birth to us. Whichever category you fall into, let’s focus on secretly blessing these amazing women this month. Check out the Find Mission Dashboard for secret missions ideas you can do to bless Mothers this month, or add one of your own. And, don’t forget to report your secret mission accomplished on your “My Secret Mission” Dashboard on the website. As always, if you are captured conducting your secret mission of kindness, instead of disavowing your actions, God, your Commander, will rescue you and shower you with abundant blessings and eternal life.

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MAY 2024


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