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Sharon is 6 years old and in grade 1 at Super Eagles Academy. She is the 5th child in a family of six siblings. She demonstrates exceptional academic aptitude, consistently obtaining good grades and enjoys athletics. She is currently living with her grandmother having been born into a very poor family that cannot afford to take care of the needs of all the children. Her grandmother struggles to afford food and other necessities. Paying for Sharon’s school fees is seen as a luxury by her grandmother that she is not able to afford, which reflects the Maasai cultural norms that undermine the importance of educating girls. Just $150.00 will covers the tuition, books, uniform and other expenses for Sharon to attend school for one year! Please consider accepting this secret “Mission of Hope” to help support Sharon's education. To do so, go to the GSSA Donate page. When you select the amount to donate, be sure to click on the "Add Note/Comment" box to tell us you wish to sponsor Sharon. Would you like to correspond with Sharon? Just contact GSSA Headquarters at and let us know. Thank you for making a difference in Sharon's life, a life filled with lots of potential!

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