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Be the Love & Kindness Needed in Today's World!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to conduct secret random and planned acts of kindness to help restore people's faith in God and humanity.

What is God's Secret Service Agents (GSSA)? 


GSSA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that encourages extraordinary people like you to join a movement of individuals who actively conduct secret missions/acts of kindness. The goal is to help make the world a better and kinder place to live by periodically conducting anonymous acts of kindness to help others in need.

GSSA's unique approach to volunteer community service is fun because it is based cheekily on the Mission Impossible TV Show and movies, as well as James Bond spy movies.

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Why Do Secret Acts of Kindness?

What Do Volunteer GSS Agents Do?

View and accept secret missions

New secret missions/acts of kindness targets and missions listed every month.

Plan Secret Missions

Plan your secret mission alone or ask a co-conspirator friend to help you to covertly carry out your mission to help conceal your identity.

Conduct Secret Missions

Have fun carrying out your secret mission/act of kindness, Take pictures and shaky spy videos, if you can, to share.

Report Secret missions accomplished

Anonymously report your "Mission Accomplished" on the GSSA website using your GSSA secret agent number to inspire others.

Check out what GSS Agent# 777 had to say...

I love plotting and planning my secret missions with her 12-year old son. "He loves it! He enjoys pretending to be James Bond. And he's learning about the important of being kind to others."

What are you waiting for, Join Us today!

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