Today's World is in Need of Love and Kindness!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to conduct secret random and planned acts of kindness to help restore people's faith in God and humanity.

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GSSA Business Special Ops Force planning a secret mission to surprise customers

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GSS Agent recruiting friends to become Agents

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GSSA Mission Squad secretly planting a garden for a loved one who lost a family member

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GSSA Business Special Ops Force planning a secret mission to surprise customers

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What is God's Secret Service Agents (GSSA)? 

GSSA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that encourages extraordinary people like you to join an army of individuals who actively conduct secret missions/acts of kindness at home and in their neighborhoods, workplace, church and communities. The goal is to serve others in need, help make the world a better and kinder place to live and help lead others to Christ by periodically conducting anonymous acts of kindness.

GSS AGENTS must be willing to do these good deeds secretly with pure motives and avoid taking credit for them as much as possible. Doing so will provide great personal fulfillment and God will be glorified. That’s the fun and rewarding part.  After all, it’s not about us! It’s about being a light in the world by spreading kindness, helping others, and honoring God! If you do your good deeds in secret, God will be glorified and He will reward you openly.

So, decide, commit, and sign up today!

How to Get Started

  • Sign-Up as one of God's Secret Service Agents

  • View and Accept the secret "Mission of the Month" OR

  • Conduct your own secret surveillance to find someone in need

  • Carefully and secretly plan your covert mission of service

  • Conduct your secret mission of service

GSS Agents spy out opportunities in their daily lives

to secretly help others without trying to bring attention to themselves!