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Join as a GSSA Mission Squad


Add some fun and service to your current family, friends, church, book club or social meet-up group by acting as a GSS Mission Squad that periodically plans and performs anonymous acts of kindness (we recommend at least bi-monthly or quarterly). Or you can form a new GSSA Mission Squad to socialize, study the bible and plan and perform secret local missions of service together that will have a greater impact.​We recommend that Mission Squads complete secret missions at least bi-monthly or quarterly.


As your Mission Squad completes more and more secret missions, its security clearance will increase in rank. See Ranks that can be achieved by GSSA Mission Squads. 


GSSA Mission Squads are most often made up of groups of three to twelve people. We encourage members of GSSA Mission Squads to also sign up as Individual GSS Agents so that they can also conduct secret missions on their own, if they chose to do so. GSSA Squads, must have an identified GSSA Squad Leader who registers the Squad and facilitates/leads monthly or quarterly Squad meeting/discussions to plan and conduct secret missions. ​


We encourage you to join the ranks of God’s Secret Service Agents as a GSSA Mission Squad, by completing the GSSA Mission Squad Sign-Up Form:

Make the World a Better Place.

Join us and help recruit others to become GSS Agents!



(NOTE: You will use this GSSA Mission Squad Name to identify your group to the people you help when you complete missions. Squad Members can also use their Squad name when reporting on Mission(s) Accomplished.)


Our Mission Squad would like to be interviewed for stories on how our secret missions impacted individuals and the community

Our Mission Squad agrees to conducting secret service missions to help others in need to help make the world a better place!

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