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Lone Operative


Join As an Individual Agent

As an individual GSS Agent, you will work on your own or with the help of others you know to periodically perform anonymous random acts of kindness in the form of local missions at home, on your job or in the community. We recommend conducting secret missions at least monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. How much or little you do is completely up to you, but we believe that if you have visited our site, you are the kind of person who wants to help others.


  • Sign-up to volunteer as one of God’s Secret Service Agents

  • Every month visit the GSSA website to view and accept the GSSA’s suggested secret “Missions of the Month, or

  • Spy out and conduct your own secret surveillance to find someone in need in your family, on your job, at church or in the community

  • Carefully and secretly plan your covert mission of service 

  • Conduct your secret mission of service

  • After completing your secret mission, anonymously share your “Secret Mission Accomplished” on the GSSA website “Mission Accomplished” Forum to inspire others!



  • Gain a sense of happiness and purpose - becoming a part of something bigger than yourself

  • Have fun plotting, planning, and conducting your secret missions

  • Boost self-esteem

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Learn valuable skills - participate in fun and educational webinars, trainings, and events with other GSS Agents

  • Provide a sense of community by interacting with other GSS Agents and helping the community

When you sign-up as an GSS Agent you will be assigned an “undercover” Secret Service Agent number that will be used to protect your identity. You can change that GSS Agent number to a number of your choice only once. To keep your secret identity, only your “undercover” GSS Agent number will be displayed on any posts and interactions you make on various pages on the GSSA website. Use that number to identify yourself on notes or in other ways when you conduct secret acts of kindness.  

As you complete more and more secret missions, your security clearance as a GSS Agent will increase in rank.  See Ranks that can be achieved by individual GSS Agents.

GSS Agents are also encouraged to help recruit and sign up other potential GSS Agents who have a heart and desire to help others. 

You can also act as a GSSA “Sleeper Agent” in your social group, company, organization or church by encouraging them to join GSSA as a Mission Squad or Special Operations Force that works on larger missions to give back to the community by conducting secret missions of service.

Are you ready?! Decide, commit, and sign up today!

You are now ready to join the ranks of God’s Secret Service Agents as an individual agent. All you have to do is complete the Individual GSS Agent Sign-Up Form by clicking the sign-up button below:​​​

Take "Love Your Neighbor" to a whole new level!

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