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GSSA Mission Related Scriptures




The true definition of love states: 

“A noun, a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. A feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend. sexual passion or desire.”


I believe love is permanent and it lasts longer beyond death. Love is not only a powerful emotion, but it does rise above all. Giving is part of love, we give to the ones we love, but it’s also important to give to others and see beyond ourselves.  “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”



Kindness is one of the most admirable qualities a person can have. Kindness is not only being generous in one’s deeds, but also treating others with respect, thoughtfulness and compassion.


There are many ways to show kindness. Imagine if everyone, every day did one act of kindness, the world would be a much brighter, kinder and peaceful place.

Helping Hands


Helping/Serving Others

Helping/Serving others means you are doing something primarily for the benefit and goodwill of another person or group of people. When we serve, we look outside of ourselves, beyond our own problems, and seek to bring value to others as Christ directs us in His Word. 


Serving and helping others should flow out of a heart of love and thanksgiving for what God has done for us and to obey His commandment to love others as we love ourselves.



Being open and willing to give is part of happiness. When we give, we experience joy. To impact someone’s life, even in a small way, empowers us to bring more goodness into the world.

People giving a high five
Online Meditation



Having patience is sometimes difficult to do, but if we simply take a deep breath and focus on the end result of having patience in life’s situations, it may make us feel grateful and satisfied.


Patience, sometimes if often mistaken for weakness, but it is a strength because it takes self - awareness, intelligence and compassion.

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