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Motivational Mondays: Self Care

Self Care is important, especially in these days of uncertainty.

It’s important we take time for self care, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Self-care has been defined as "a multidimensional, multifaceted process of purposeful engagement in strategies that promote healthy functioning and enhance well-being."

How to practice self care Physically:

  1. Fuel your body: Get enough rest/sleep

  2. Good Nutrition: Make sure to eat healthy and stay hydrated

  3. Make sure to keep up with Doctor’s appointments

  4. Get 30 minutes of exercise every day

“Whether you talk to a partner or close friend about how you feel, or you set aside time for leisure activities that help you process your emotions, it's important to incorporate emotional self-care into your life.”

How to practice self care Emotionally:

1. Stay connected to family and friends

2. Entertain your passions and hobbies that make you happy

3. Listen to music

4. Watch an uplifting movie

Research shows that a lifestyle including religion or spirituality is an important component for a healthy lifestyle.

“Nurturing your spirit, however, doesn't have to involve religion. It can involve anything that helps you develop a deeper sense of meaning, understanding, or connection with the universe.”

How to practice self care Spiritually:

1. Meditate

2. Go to a religious service

3. Pray daily

A few Positive Affirmations and Quotes for today and every day:

  1. I am unique

  2. I am happy with who I am

  3. I am and strive to be a good person

  4. I choose to see the good in people I interact with every day

  1. " One small positive thought can change your whole day." Zig Ziglar

  2. " Believe you can and you’re halfway there." Theodore Roosevelt

  3. " I will go anywhere as long as it’s forward . " David Livingston

Written and Submitted by GSS Agent#3013

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