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GSS Agent Secret Mission Adventure At the Mall

Want to know what it’s like to plan and carry out a secret service mission of kindness? I want to share what I did to carry out one of my secret service mission and how much that "mission accomplished" meant for me (and hopefully those I served secretly!) this Christmas. Here is my story.

On Christmas Eve, for the first time ever, I was completely alone. My siblings and their kids were all out of town, my husband was having his 1st Christmas in Heaven, and even my retired, local uncle had other plans. So, with no one to cook for, and no last minute presents to buy or wrap, I had the whole day to enjoy the spirit of Christmas however I wanted! A visit to a mall sounded like fun since I hadn't done that all year and 2021 was almost over. I looked around the house to see what good I could take out into the world, and found a See's Gift card, a Nativity Christmas card with beautiful verses all over it, $100 bill, and 5 umbrellas. I left 2 umbrellas at home, and took all the rest of the goodies with me, thinking that I would see someone trying to carry presents in the rain without an umbrella, and a Secret timely umbrella might be just the thing to make someone's day.

When I got to the mall and walked around a few stores wondering who I could bless secretly, I realized, I'd gone to a place where people have an abundance - enough to shop in malls - who would need my small gifts? Maybe I should have gone to a food pantry or a homeless shelter? But, I kept walking looking for a person who would feel blessed by a surprise, and saw a beautiful young woman of color working at a counter and I realized that if she's working a low paying retail job on Christmas Eve she's probably worn herself out with caring for demanding customers. She was so genuinely kind to the people she was serving. I admired her and then heard the customers ask for her name because she had been so helpful.

I walked away to the purse section, pulled out the Christmas card and wrote a note to "Louisa" with blessings and the $100 bill. I put her name on the envelope, and watched her counter till she was away from it. Then I put the card, with her name on it, under the corner of her cash register so she would see it when she came back! I was so excited that she could order dinner in, or go out for some relaxation after her hard work that week! but I still had umbrellas and a See's gift card to get into someone's hands.

I took the escalator up to look at shoes (I mean... I'm at the mall, can you blame me?) and as I went up, I heard a scream behind me. Panicky, fearful screams! A woman had fallen on the escalator and her clothes were stuck in the steps. Her family was with her, children, grandchildren, and holding her hand, trying to figure out what to do. I looked everywhere for the STOP button to make the escalator stop for her, but couldn't find it. An employee ran over and shut it down, and the family carried the woman up, and set her on a chair. Her crying and skinned leg led the toddler girl to join in with loud crying. The little girl's nana was crying, so she was scared. All I had was a See's gift card or an umbrella... not a stuffed toy. As I gave it to the screaming girl, I told her older brother what it was, and his instant smiles as he told his little sister helped to calm her down. So, the boy was happy, and his sister was able to stop crying when she saw him happy.

I left the mall since all I had left were the umbrellas and no one needed them there. I thought if I drove around a busy Target/Ross/Fry's parking lot I'd see shoppers with big bags or maybe someone homeless with no umbrellas. But as I pulled into the lot, the rain stopped and no one needed them. So, I have those umbrellas to give away on another rainy day, and I had a wonderful Christmas Eve knowing that I successfully complete a mission as one of God’s Secret Service Agents.

Written and Submitted by GSS Agent #816


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