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Partnering With Other Organizations To Impact Our World

GSSA provides funding and volunteer support to other community organizations to amplify and expand our impact in the community. Below are some of the organizations and causes we support.

Support for Children in Foster Care and Seniors

GSSA fundraised, donated, served and supported  various community organizations that provides services to children in foster care and seniors in our community.

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Support for the Homeless

GSSA provide funding, supplies and support for homeless individuals and families through partnerships with organizations that provide showers, laundry services, clothing, household goods, transitional housing and other services.   


Support for Disaster Relief

GSSA provided funding for emergency disaster relief services for the War in Ukraine, Hurricane Ivan, and the earthquake in Turkey and Syria through Partnerships with these organizations.


Education and Economic Support for Underserved Communities

GSSA provided education, support and girl empowerment programs for poor and underserved students and families in Kajiado, Kenya.

Our Newest Project - "Building a Place of Hope"

GSSA is fundraising to construct a  Multigenerational Community Center,  Library and Job Training space for  poor underserved students and families in Kajiado, Kenya.

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