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Guidelines for Organizing and Managing
Your GSSA Special Ops Force

What is a GSSA Special Operations Force

A GSSA Special Operations Force is a business, organization or church that accepts the GSSA mission of conducting secret missions on their own to assist their employees, customers, members or the community. 


Ways Your Business/Organization/Church can participate 

  1. Full Command Special Ops Force (FC Special Ops) – GSSA Full Command Special Ops businesses, organizations or churches that are able to:

    1. Organize a minimum of one to three employees, customers or members to fully plan, fund and carry out secret missions of services on their own, to help needy customers, employees, or members of the community.

    2. Conduct secret mission at least 4 to 6 times per year.

    3. Donate any amount of funds to GSSA Headquarters to help fund large scale secret missions of service for needy individuals in the community. 

    4. Encourage their employees, members or customers to sign-up and conduct secret missions as Individual GSS Agents.

  2. Joint Command Special Ops Force (JC Special Ops) - GSSA Joint Command Center businesses, organizations or churches that are able to:

    1. Individually plan (or with a group of employees) and complete secret missions of service to help needy customers, employees, or members of the community by partnering with GSSA Headquarters to share the cost of funding some of the missions. GSSA Headquarters will reach out to your company/organization directly if you select this option. 

    2. Work with GSSA Headquarters to help identify ways to conduct low/no cost missions. 

    3. Plan and conduct secret missions with GSSA Headquarters at least 4 times per year. 

    4. Donate in-kind services to GSSA Headquarters to help provide large scale secret missions of service in the community. 


Benefits of Partnering with GSSA as a Special Ops Force

Partnering with GSSA will:

  1. Align well with your business or organization’s corporate values of social responsibility in a manner that will make an immediate positive difference in the lives of people in your community.

  2. Fit well with your business or organization’s history of giving back to the community and promoting positivity and kindness in the communities you serve.

  3. Offer an innovative and meaningful avenue for your business or organization to contribute to the community and connect with current or potential new customers (anonymously or publicly marketed if you choose).

  4. Solve the problem of public giving that sometimes leads to an overabundance of requests from individuals or organizations if you wish to remain anonymous. 

  5. Provide the opportunity to use the product and services you directly produce or sell to demonstrate kindness, goodwill and hope in a very fractured and divided world without additional costs to your business or organization  

  6. Increase employee morale, satisfaction and engagement by their participation in the fun and intrigue of planning and conductingsecret random acts of kindness.


Mission Focus

GSSA Special Ops Force  can choose to focus their Special Ops Force’s secret missions on a specific target group such as single parents, the homeless, domestic violence victims, children, families, veterans, teachers, etc.  Or they can choose to conduct mission to help any individuals or groups in the community.  


Special Ops Commander 

GSSA Special Ops Forces must have an identified Special Ops Commander. The Special Ops Commander is responsible for registering or signing-up the Special Ops Force on the GSSA website and facilitating/leading monthly or quarterly Special Ops Force meetings/discussions with others within the company/organization to plan and conduct secret missions. 


Special Ops Force Commanders also encourage conversations among members to keep them engaged in between meetings by reaching out to them in between meetings periodically through text or email messages, phone calls or coffee/lunch or other outings.  


Special Ops Force Commanders should rotate periodically (at least yearly) to avoid burnout. 



Determine a time and place for your Mission Special Ops Force meeting (in-person or virtually). You don’t need to meet in-person to form a Special Ops Force.  You can form a Special Ops Force and meet remotely via Zoom, Google Meets or other remote method, if that works best for your group. 


It is suggested that your Mission Special Ops Force meet monthly, no less than bi-monthly. Otherwise, the Special Ops Force is more likely to disband because people will get busy with other activities.  


Schedule your first meeting and send the GSSA website link to invitees to review prior to the first meeting. 


Suggested First Meeting Agenda/Discussion Items:

  • Have some social time (including food is always nice)

  • Officially open the meeting with prayer (if a Christian group)

  • Do an Ice Breaker to get to know each other 

  • Select your Mission Special Ops Force Name

  • Select a Special Ops Force Commander

  • Go on the GSSA Website and register the Mission Special Ops Force by completing the GSS Agent Special Ops Force Sign-Up Form

  • Have each person sign-up as an Individual GSS Agent, if they have not already done so, by completing the GSS Individual Agent Sign-Up Form

  • Determine the Special Ops Force’s Mission Focus, if any ( you can keep it general)

  • Determine a consistent time and place to meet regularly and consistently (in-person or virtually)

  • Determine how often the Special Ops Force will meet to plan secret missions (at least monthly or bi-monthly is recommended not to lose momentum and interest) 

  • Determine how often the Special Ops Force will actually carry out secret missions (at least bi-monthly or quarterly is recommended not to lose momentum and interest) 

  • Brainstorm your Special Ops Force’s first mission ideas (be sure all members are engaged and have a chance to contribute); select one or two missions to start

  • Begin planning how and when to carry out your first secret mission (secret missions can be carried out during or in-between meetings and reported at the next meeting)

  • Determine the role various Special Ops Force members will play in carrying out the mission

  • Encourage members to the GSSA website to anonymously report Missions Accomplished

  • Determine next meeting date

  • Adjourn


Special Ops Force Missions

GSSA Special Ops Force  are encouraged to meet monthly or bi-monthly to plan secret missions and conduct secret missions at least bi-monthly or quarterly. Missions do not have to be complicated or cost money. As Special Ops Forces plan missions, they will realize that it is sometimes challenging to complete the mission in complete secret. That’s the fun part!  It takes some creativity to think outside the box to plan secret missions. But you can do it!  


Don’t forget when carrying out your secret mission to attach or leave a simple anonymous note for your “ Mission Assignment“(person your mission will help) with an encouraging scripture, or a note that God loves them, has answered their prayer or that someone cares about them and wanted to help them.  Sign the note with your GSSA Mission Special Ops Force Name only.  For example: Courtesy of GSSA “Bright Angel” Mission Special Ops Force. You can create or write your own anonymous notes or order GSSA Mission Special Ops Force “Calling Cards,” note cards or post cards from the Mission Gear Store.  


“Mission Accomplished” Forum

Encourage Mission Special Ops Force members to regularly login to the “Mission Accomplished” discussion forum to “debrief” or anonymously report their individual or Special Ops Force’s missions accomplished to inspire other agents with ideas of missions they can do in their community and to get ideas of mission they can plan.  It’s a great way to interact with the community of GSS Agents and see the impact that they are having in the world.


Tips For Managing a Successful GSSA Special Ops Force

Enthusiasm, passion and participation in a group will fade over time without some care and feeding.  Below are some tips you can use to help and keep your GSSA Special Ops Force active, productive and successful over time.


  • Involve company, organization or church leadership

  • Keep it fun

  • Involve food, short movie or other activity 

  • Nurture relationships

  • Select meeting times that most people can attend

  • Have discussions about commitment if attendance/participation starts to dwindle

  • Rotate locations/meeting times if attendance starts to fall off

  • Recruit new members periodically 

  • Identify and communicate mission assignment activities that people who miss a meeting can perform

  • Ensure everyone at meetings are engaged in discussions

  • Encourage members to login to Mission Accomplished” and Agent Briefing Room forums on the GSSA Website to interact with other GSS Agents and GSSA Headquarters

  • Invite guest speaker related you the Special Ops Force’s Mission Focus to provide real life field conditions  

  • Add outings and/or other activities like a topic related to the upcoming mission for variety

  • Keep good records of missions accomplished, debriefings and other details to help with planning future missions

Need more help, reach out to GSSA Headquarters at

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