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Meet Carolyne, A Talented Young Girl with Big Dreams Age: 9 years old Grade: 3rd Grade School: Super Eagles Academy, Oloirien Village, Kajiado, Kenya About Carolyne: Carolyne is the eldest of four siblings in her family. Despite being born into impoverished circumstances, she has shown remarkable academic potential, consistently achieving high grades. Carolyne is also exceptionally talented in singing and dancing, bringing joy to her community with her performances. Challenges: Carolyne faces significant barriers to education due to deeply ingrained patriarchal norms in her Maasai community, which prioritize boys' schooling over girls'. These cultural practices perpetuate a cycle of educational disadvantage among girls, limiting their personal development and empowerment. Carolyne is determined to break this cycle and pursue her education, but her family's financial situation makes it challenging to afford school expenses. A Call for Help: For just $150, you can cover all of Carolyne’s school expenses for an entire year. This includes tuition, books, uniforms, and other necessary supplies. Your support can help Carolyne continue her education and develop her talents, paving the way for a brighter future. Mission of Hope: We invite you to join this secret "Mission of Hope" to support Carolyne’s education. Your contribution can be the key to unlocking her potential and helping her achieve her dreams. How to Help: Visit the GSSA Donate page. Select the amount you wish to donate. Be sure to click on the "Add Note/Comment" box and specify that you wish to sponsor Carolyne. Stay Connected: Would you like to correspond with Carolyne and follow her journey? Contact GSSA Headquarters at to arrange it. Thank You: Your generosity can transform Carolyne's life, helping her rise above her circumstances and reach her full potential. Thank you for making a difference.

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